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Minerva Radio is a 24hr independent, internet, music radio station based in the UK.

Minerva Radio is an independent, internet, music radio station based in the UK.
We figured starting out with the culturally significant Folkscene, is a great place to begin.
Our aim is to grow the station 'organically', introducing new shows & genres along the way.


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Golden Days

Golden Days | Chris Brain

New Single from forthcoming second album Steady Away (Oct 6th)

Realesed: July 14th 2023 | Big Sun Records

Golden Days is the first single and track number 1 of 11 from the highly anticipated second album Steady Away due to be released on Oct 6th by Chris Brain. Aptly named Golden Days the track captures the sentiment that the present moments we are currently immersed in are in fact the best days of our existence. Musicians appearing with Chris on the single are, on piano - Simeon Walker, violin - Mary- Jane Walker and on double bass - Alice Phelps. The track was mixed & engineered by Tom Orrell and mastered by Autumn Giant.

“Recorded straight to tape like the good old days, it’s an acoustic Gem’’

BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson

Chris Brain emerged out of Leeds vibrant folk scene in 2022 with his debut, critically acclaimed and widely distributed album, Bound to Rise, reaching #22 in the UK Folk Charts.

His much-anticipated second album Steady Away, moves inward and takes on a more self-reflective quality, whilst retaining glimmers of soaring figures and pastoral imagery.

Brain’s distinctive warm vocal and finger-picked guitar style are sustained alongside expansive strings and delicate piano arrangements, taking shape through evolving and introspective impressions on tenderness, loss, pain and awe in nature. His commitment to folk is only deepened by the two folk clubs and folk festival in Leeds that Chris founded and runs, attracting a wide range of audiences and musicians alike.

“Well I will be shocked if he doesn’t rise to the top of the folk scene in the next 12 months, what a voice, what a force to be reckoned with”

BBC Radio Wales, Celtic Heartbeat

Chris Brain

Photo by Hannah Burgess

Photo by Hannah Burgess

Chris Brain