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Minerva Arts is a Company Limited by Guarantee No.8098260

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Minerva Radio is a 24hr independent, internet, music radio station based in the UK.

Minerva Radio is an independent, internet, music radio station based in the UK.
We figured starting out with the culturally significant Folkscene, is a great place to begin.
Our aim is to grow the station 'organically', introducing new shows & genres along the way.


Brock 'n' Roll now available: 10pm, 4pm, 10am & 4am daily
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Folkscene Episodes ...

Show 14 | New releases ...

1st Broadcast: 01/06/2024. Running Time: 01:00:24

Featured Artists: Rob Jones & Restless Dream, Hungrytown, Alden & Patterson, Craig Joiner, Rum Ragged, Harbottle & Jonas, Calum Gilligan, Sugarcane Jane, DLÙ, Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh, Mojna.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock
Rob Jones & Restless Dream: Tired Old Town
Hungrytown: Tuesday Sun
Alden & Patterson: Safe Travels
Craig Joiner: The Wedding Day of Eliza May
Rum Ragged: The Road to Lushes Bight
Harbottle and Jonas: Wild Goose
Calum Gilligan: Galloway No More
Sugarcane Jane: Burn
DLÙ: Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais
Michell, Pfeiffer & Kulesh: Lady Margaret
Craig Joiner: Mary and the Soldier
Mojna: Ljusnar

Show 13 | Upcoming Folk Festivals

1st Broadcast: 21/05/2024. Running Time: 01:05:43

Featured Artists: Merry Hell, Calan, Jack Rutter, Kitewing, The Haar, The Fugitives, Breabach, Gnoss, John Tams, Pentangle, Patakas, Joshua Burnell, Martin Simpson, Granny's Attic.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock
Merry Hell: There's a Ghost in our House
Calan: Peth Mawr Ydi Cariad
Jack Rutter: Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight
Kitewing: Bird's Nest Bound
The Haar: Whiskey in the Jar
The Fugitives: Story of our Times
Breabach: Eadar an Da Bhraigh
Gnoss: Hard Times
John Tams: Written in the Book
Pentangle: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
Patakas: Thresherman
Joshua Burnell: Don't Lose Your Faith
Martin Simpson: Hills of Shiloh
Granny's Attic: Cruds & Creams / Jig From New Harmony

Show 12 | New, recent & upcoming releases

1st Broadcast: 28/04/2024. Running Time: 01:02:53

Featured Artists: Honey & the Bear, Angeline, Cohen & Jon, Dawn Landes, Good Habits, The Fugitives, Becky Price & Friends, Jack Badcock, Rachel Garlin, George Boomsma, Ross Couper Band.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock
Honey and the Bear: My Lagan Love
Angeline, Cohen & Jon: Dear Polly
Dawn Landes: Hard is the Fortune of all Womankind
Good Habits: Baba O'Riley
The Fugitives: Edge of the Sea
Becky Price & Friends: Butterdish Jig / Elephant Jig / Lottie Dods Jig
Dawn Landes: Liberation Now
Jack Badcock: Too Many Things
The Fugitives: Dead Money
Rachel Garlin: The State We Are In
George Boomsma: Fallen
Ross Couper Band: Da Delting Bridal March

Show 11 | New & upcoming releases, with gig news

1st Broadcast: 09/04/2024. Running Time: 01:01:46

Featured Artists: Steve Tilston, Harbottle & Jonas, Ruth Moody, Roving Crows, Ann Duggan, Hilary de Vries, Marc Ellington, Malin Lewis, Bart Moore, Honey and the Bear.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock

Steve Tilston: Daylight Rising
Harbottle & Jonas: Carry on you Fishermen
Ruth Moody: Already Free
Roving Crows: Let Me Roll
Ann Duggan: Carolina Moon
Hilary de Vries: The Grey Cairn / In a Wren
Marc Ellington: Yarrow
Malin Lewis: Trans
Ruth Moody: North Calling
Bart Moore: Molly Bloom
Steve Tilston: My Mystery Train
Honey and the Bear: Head in the Stars

Show 10 | New releases, plus Shrewsbury Festival news

1st Broadcast: 17/03/2024. Running Time: 01:05:14

Featured Artists: Buster Sledge, Katie Whitehouse, Stereo Naked, Annie Dressner, Anthony John Clarke, Patakas, Joshua Burnell Band, Rosie Hood Band, John Renbourn, Niall McCabe, Karen McLeod, Feast of Fiddles.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock

Buster Sledge: Last Day of the Worst Year
Katie Whitehouse: Spaces
Stereo Naked: Wrong Chord
Annie Dressner: Midnight Bus
Anthony John Clarke: The Boot Fair
Patakas: American Stranger/Princess Waltz
Joshua Burnell Band: Played My Part
Rosie Hood Band: Wild Man of the Sea
John Renbourn: Floating Stone
Niall McCabe: Valhalla
Karen McLeod: Hold Fast Furry Lewis
Feast of Fiddles: Siamese Kashmir

New, upcoming and recent releases, with gig news

1st Broadcast: 03/03/2024. Running Time: 01:39:51

Featured Artists: May Erlewine, Phoebe Rees, The Schmoozenbergs, Edd Donovan, Far Flung Collective, John Tams, Dylan Pearse, Katie Whitehouse, Raph Callaghan, Ann Duggan, The Rolling Folk, Matt Mitchell's Music Co., Susy Wall, May Erlewine & Packy Lundholm, Paddy Buchanan Band, The Hogrenderers, Mike Vass.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock

May Erlewine: More Time
Phoebe Rees: High on a Mountain with Ola Belle Read
The Schmoozenbergs: Mouse
Edd Donovan: Echoes of the Sea
Far Flung Collective: Butterfly
John Tams: Bitter Withy
Dylan Pearse: Whiskey in the Jar
Katie Whitehouse: Earthman
Raph Callaghan: Special Rider
Ann Duggan: Dust Upon the Wind
The Rolling Folk: Lost in You
Matt Mitchell's Music Co.: Hourglass
Susy Wall: Home is the Colour
The Rolling Folk: Hurricane Blue
May Erlewine & Packy Lundholm: Be In Love
Paddy Buchanan Band: The Jabberwocky
The Hogrenderers: Make Me a Pallet on your Floor
Mike Vass: Getting Colder

New, upcoming & recent releases, with classic tracks

1st Broadcast: 11/02/2024. Running Time: 01:34:41

Featured Artists: Mishaped Pearls, Matt Mitchell Music Co., Kitewing, Calum Gilligan, Norman Paterson, Billie Maree, Show of Hands, Karen McLeod, Ben Robertson, Jackie Oates, Steeleye Span, Mishra, Jim Causley, Gino Lupari, Muireann nic Amhlaoibh, Honey and the Bear, Mike Vass.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock

Mishaped Pearls: Queen May
Matt Mitchell Music Co.: Kerosene
Kitewing: Greenland Shark
Calum Gilligan: Galloway No More
Norman Paterson: Sailing Away
Billie Maree: We Belong
Show of Hands: Recuerdos [Maria]
Karen McLeod: Mississippi Blues
Ben Robertson: Farewell to the Gold
Jackie Oates: When I was a Fair Maid
Steeleye Span: Lovely on the Water
Mishra: The Truth
Jim Causley: Pride of the Moor
Kitewing: Island/Pull Down Your Vest
Gino Lupari: Mary and the Soldier
Muireann nic Amhlaoibh: An Rabhais ar an gCarraig
Honey and the Bear: Head in the Stars
Mike Vass: Levity

New & recent releases, plus gig news for 2024

1st Broadcast: 21/01/2024. Running Time: 01:09:37

Featured Artists: Patakas, Suthering, Malcolm MacWatt, The Hackles, Mishra, Gillian Fleetwood, All The Bees, Niall McCabe, Charlie Dore, The Haar, Rachel Walker & Aaron Jones, Topette!!.

Track Listings:

Sig. Dervish: The Hungry Rock

Patakas [Joe & Will Sartin]: Thresherman
Suthering: Gather
Malcolm MacWatt: Out on the Western Plain
The Hackles: James' Drink
Mishra: Angeline the Baker
Gillian Fleetwood: Drawing Room
All The Bees: Wildflowers
Niall McCabe: Stonemason
Charlie Dore: Desert Blues
The Haar: Carrickfergus
Rachel Walker & Aaron Jones: Rule of Thumb
Topette!!: Bourreé Morvandelle-La Lustrée

Album of the year ...

1st Broadcast: 31/12/2023. Running Time: 01:34:03

Featured Artists (in no particular order!): Ward Knutur Townes, John Francis Flynn, The Breath, Show of Hands, Jude Edwin-Scott, Reg Meuross, Ninebarrow, Holly and the Reivers, Josh Burnell, Wayward Jane, Honey and the Bear, Megson, Track Dogs, Merry Hell, Gnoss, Rupert Wates, The Young 'Uns, Jack Rutter, Chris Brain, The Rosie Hood Band.

Track Listings:

Ward, Knutur, Townes: Medusa
John Francis Flynn: Mole in the Ground
The Breath: Letters from Long Kesh
Show of Hands: Hambledon Fair
Jude Edwin-Scott: Spinning Gold
Reg Meuross: Stranger in a Strange Land
Ninebarrow: House
Holly and the Reivers: The Three Danish Galleys
Josh Burnell: Glass Knight
Wayward Jane: Edinburgh Rain
Honey and the Bear: Head in the Stars
Megson: What Are We Trying to Say
Track Dogs: Play Nice
Merry Hell: Three Little Lions
Gnoss: Honey Wine
Rupert Wates: Across The Water
Young 'Uns: Jack Merritt's Boots
Jack Rutter: Bold Nevison the Highwayman
Chris Brain: Please
The Rosie Hood Band: Turtle Dove

Folkscene classics, featuring Anne Briggs

1st Broadcast: 17/12/2023. Running Time: 01:06:57

Featured Artists: Anne Briggs, plus The Askew Sisters, Damien O'Kane, Merry Hell, Blind Blake, Offa Rex, The Copper Family, Hannah Sanders, Niteworks, Katie Spencer.

Track Listings:

The Askew Sisters: I Wandered by the Brookside
Damien O'Kane: 'Till Next Market Day
Anne Briggs: Blackwater Side
Merry Hell: There's' a Ghost in our House
Blind Blake: Diddie Wah Diddie
Offa Rex: The Queen of Hearts
The Copper Family: Shepherd of the Downs
Anne Briggs: The Cuckoo
Hannah Sanders: The Werewolf
Niteworks: Theid Mi Lem Dheoin
Katie Spencer: Go Your Way
Niteworks: Each-Uisge

Holly and the Reivers special

1st Broadcast: 03/12/2023. Running Time: 01:23:52

Featuring Holly and the Reivers, plus Reg Meuross, Jim Moray, Thom Ashworth, Fotheringay, Anna & Elizabeth, Christina Alden & Alex Patterson, Bert Jansch, Wayward Jane, Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Big Band, Rheingans Sisters, Lady Maisery, Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards.

Track Listings:

Sig. Oran Project: Kintyre

Holly and the Reivers: The Three Danish Galleys
Reg Meuross: The Way of Cain
Jim Moray: Rufford Park Poachers
Thom Ashworth: Derry Gaol
Holly and the Reivers: The Bold Marauder
Fotheringay: The Pond and the Stream
Anna & Elizabeth: Black Eyed Susan
Christina Alden and Alex Patterson: Hunter
Bert Jansch: Needle of Death
Wayward Jane: Hills of Mexico
Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Big Band: Searching for Lambs
Rheingans Sisters: Bright Field
Holly and the Reivers: Bleary Winter
Lady Maisery: Tender
Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards: The Low Hum

New, upcoming & recent releases, with Folkscene classics

1st Broadcast: 19/11/2023. Running Time: 01:02:50

Featured Artists: The Rosie Hood Band, Jack Rutter, Mr Fox, Norma MacDonald, Jame Stone’s Lomax Project, Reg Meuross, Fairport Convention, Honey & the Bear, Jackie Oates, Martyn Joseph, Breabach, Ímar.

Track Listings:

Sig. Oran Project: Kintyre

Rosie Hood Band: Turtle Dove
Jack Rutter: Bold Nevison the Highwayman
Mr Fox: The Gay Goshawk
Norma MacDonald: Comes in Waves
Jame Stone’s Lomax Project: Goodbye Old Paint
Reg Meuross: The Jesus of Lubeck
Fairport Convention: Tam Lin
Honey & the Bear: Dear Grandmother
Jackie Oates: My Shoes are Made of Spanish
Martyn Joseph: Born Too Late
Breabach: Revolutions
Ímar: Bangers

New, upcoming & recent releases

1st Broadcast: 15/10/2023. Running Time: 01:00:28

Featured Artists: Rura, Ninebarrow, Wayward Jane, Siskin Green, Chris Brain, Wayne Brereton, Ward Knuter Townes, Rupert Wates, Westward The Light.

Track Listings:

Sig. Oran Project: Kintyre

Rura: Dusk Moon
Ninebarrow: The Snows They Melt the Soonest
Wayward Jane: Edinburgh Rain
Track Dogs: Water the Lawn
Siskin Green: Take This Moment
Chris Brain: Golden Days
Wayne Brereton: When First unto this Country
Wayward Jane: Shake Sugaree
Ward, Knutur, Townes: Unanswered
Rupert Wates: The Man Who Worked in Clay and Stone
Track Dogs: Rhiannon
Westward the Light: O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick

New, upcoming & recent releases

1st Broadcast: 01/10/2023. Running Time: 01:01:51

Featured Artists: The Young 'Uns, The Trials of Cato, Gnoss, Hannah Rarity, Megson, Pound and Butterworth, Joshua Burnell, Terry Emm, Joy Dunlop, Megson, Dallahan.

Track Listings:

Sig. Oran Project: Kintyre

The Young ‘Uns: Three Dads Walking
Trials of Cato: Paper Planes
Gnoss: Hamnavoe
Hannah Rarity: Scotland Yet
Megson: What Are We Trying to Say?
Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth: Better Things
Joshua Burnell: Looking Glass
Terry Emm with Maz O’Connor: You Mean a Lot to Me
Trials of Cato: Ring of Roses
Joy Dunlop: Puirt a Belil
Megson: Canny Old Blind Willie
Dallahan: Beaton’s